How we make our Product Design Better?
By Fight Habituation.

What is the tips?

1. Look Broader, take step back when you see something wrong. With step back and look broader, probably you will see the real problem and come up with better solution.

2. Look Closer, when your product is not make your customer happy, back to your drawing board and look closer, and pay attention every detail, and make it right for the customer.

3. Think Younger, take heart to have young people or young minds in your product team. Picasso said “Every child is an artist”, the problem is how he/she when grow up still remain as artist.

Look Broader, Look Closer and think younger, so we can stay beginner.

How to make product design better? Asking yourself every wake up in the morning. How can i experience world better?.

Tribute to Tony Fadell. Thank you.


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